Revision Procedure

Mono Makine also performs refurbishment and revision procedures of used trial tools and equipment. All maintenance and repairs of machines such as trial harvesters, drills and threshers from regular maintenance to complete revision and refurbishment are performed. All revision and maintenances come with 1 year on-site guarantee. Also, commissioning and 1 day attendance services are provided for complete revisions.

Revision process:

Mono Makine provides maintenance and revision service for your improvement tools and equipment at the end of their economic life and ensures re-use for long years.

Maintenance and revision procedures can be performed as periodical maintenance, complete sanding-painting, chasis partial maintenance, manufacturing of new chasis parts, complete change of bearings, renewal of wear parts and conveyor bands.

Also, changing and burying feet revisions of distributors, distributor lower plates, lower distributor parts of planting drills are performed.